Gion, Kyoto Wine & Bar Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E

17:00~02:00 Closed irregularly

■800 bottles of 500 kinds of French wine and champagne are stored in an exclusive stone-and-clay wine cellar, which minimizes the damage to wine not only from temperature and humidity, but also from vibrations and lighting. Fine wines & champagnes, maintained under the best possible conditions, await you.
■ Select an atmosphere to match your mood. Seating includes a Japanese bar counter, a sofa lounge and an Ozashiki room (private Japanese party room with tatami mats).
■ Arrangements can also be made for female companionship, including geiko and maiko.
■ Open throughout the year including all holidays and weekends.
■ Member of the Japan Sommelier Association (No. 18367・18436)
■ Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association (No. 18207・18209)

Wine & Bar Kyoto Gion Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E


The aroma of French wine permeating the geisha quarters in Kyoto…
Gion, Kyoto Wine & Bar Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E

Bordered by Kyoto’s oldest Zen temple, Kenninji, and the picturesque Kamo-gawa river, the Miyagawa-cho geisha quarters have been a charming hideout for centuries. Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E opens when the stone paved streets are sprinkled with water, and the paper lanterns hung under the eaves of the geisha houses are lit up in the evenings. Located on the same street as the Kaburenjo Theater where the geisha and maiko girls frequent, Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E exudes the elegant atmosphere of the authentic geisha quarters.
Open the latticed door and enter under the noren short curtain, and be prepared for a unique and memorable experience in Gion, Kyoto…
This is an exclusive wine & bar establishment where wine, champagne, cocktails and spirits are served.
As an aperitif bar or a lounge for before or after dinner, Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E will live up to your expectations in every way.

  • Bar Counter
  • Wine cellar

Seating & Rooms

  • Bar Counter
    Bar Counter
    Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E is a wine and cocktail bar quietly situated in the Miyagawa-cho geisha quarters in Kyoto. Renovated from a former geisha-house, Miyagawa-cho Oumi-E showcases elegant wine service by a sommelier and the smooth manipulation of cocktail shakers by a master bartender.* Various kinds of champagne and spirits are also available.
    (Seating capacity: 8)VIEW
  • Sofa Lounge
    Sofa Lounge
    A detached, private lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for important guests, where they can enjoy wine and a collection of fine paintings. * Arrangements for female companionship available upon request.
    (Seating capacity: 8)VIEW
  • Ozashiki Room
    Ozashiki Room
    VIP room for domestic and foreign guests. The anteroom provides dancing space for geisha and maiko girls.
    Wine parties different from the usual settings can also be arranged.* Arrangements for geiko & maiko and female companionship available upon request.
    (Seating capacity: 18 at a table with a sunken kotatsu foot heater)VIEW